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Japanese: 山寺へ行きました。日本は秋がきれいです。のぼりがたかかった。つかれた人たくさんいました!

えいごで: Enjoying the autumn colours and the climb at Yamadera.

Festa Tohoku

えいごで: This weekend we could enjoy the university festival.

Japanese: 今しゅうまつ東北大学はFestaありました。たのしかったです。

Zoo Signs

English: A Japanese zoo is a great place for the discerning sign-afficionado.

日本語で: 八木山どうぶつこうえんに行きました。


えいごで: Last week I went to Tokyo for the organisation of a conference at Waseda University.

Japanese: せんしゅうカンファレンスに東京へ行きました。 がいこくけんきゅうしゃたくさんきました。おつかれさまでした。

View from the 33rd floor. 三十三かい




えいごで: I visited Kyoto for a small international workshop at Kyoto University. Despite the busy schedule, we managed to steal a few hours for some local tourism.

Japanese: せんせんしゅう ワークショップに京都へ行きました。


えいごで: This weekend we had a jazz festival in Sendai.

Japanese: こんしゅうまつ仙台はジャズのまつりありました。おんがくよかったです。


English: Warnings and requests which bring a smile to one’s face during the daily commute.

日本語で: ちかてつで行って、あんぜんに、かいてきに:



えいごで: As may have been noted before, fish is eaten rather a lot in Japan, including at breakfast.

Japanese: 日本のあさごはんにさかなをたべます。

えいごで: Of course, of one doesn’t feel like eating fish in the morning one can always get a Japanese western-style breakfast. A good cafe will serve a western breakfast at half the price of a cup of coffee. These breakfasts seem to be popular among the Japanese business-people and elderly. I conjecture that the first group takes advantage of the speed, and the second group has a nostalgic liking for the toast. Bread was distributed in their youth by the occupation authorities as a cheap substitute for white rice.

Japanese: ウェスタンのあさごはん。

Japanese: 日本のあさごはんの方がおいしいです。


魚 (fish)

Small Facts Sunday

えいごで: We are now in full cherry-season! These cherries are actually not picked from the same trees as those whose cherry-blossoms the Japanese enjoyed a few weeks ago, as those are too small and sour to eat. Peaches are also starting to appear, so I can restart eating one of my favourite strange Japanese inventions, pasta with peaches.

The past month there was a remarkably increased police presence in public places such as subways, train stations and tourist spots due to the G7 meetings. Apparently over 100000 police were deployed for increased security.

At the end of the work day, when returning home, the always-present subway employee greets everyone at the ticket gate.

Japanese: さくらんぼのじかんです!日本はももがあります、 ももとパスタたべたい!